May 20


3 years ago during our fourth of July Party we played this game called wiffle ball. It is basically baseball with a plastic ball and that you don’t have to throw it to the base to get the guy out, you just throw it to the pitcher who is standing on the rubber. I played with my good friend Matt and a bunch of other people on my baseball teams. It was a huge game. It was located in our backyard. We have a huge backyard.

So in the 4th inning out of 9 innings and the score was tied 7-7. I was the pitcher and when I had two outs on the batter and 2 strikes he hit and grand slam over left field to put their team up 11-7. Then I struck out the next guy and we went to hitting. So in the bottom of the 4th inning we scored 2 runs to make the score 11-9. Then  I got switched to left field and Matt was pitching. Nobody scored till the bottom of the 9th.

It was walk off time for us and we had the chance. We scored 2 more runs to tie the game. Then we got the bases loaded. So, I stepped up to the plate ready for the game winner. The count got to 2-2 and I hit about 10 fall balls. The very next pitch he threw me I hit a line dive, walk-off, Grand slam to center. WE WON!! The crowd went crazy. Well, our parents went crazy. 🙂 WE WON 15-11!!


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  1. What was my blog about?
  2. Who was my best friend there?
  3. Who won the game and how?
  4. Where was it played?
  5. What was the final score?
  6. If this year is 2015 what year was this game played?

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May 13


So Yesterday was National Limerick day and our class wrote limericks. It was really fun. There were some ones that made no sense at all, but had humorous parts to them. Some were about opinions and facts and some were about random stuff. Most of the limericks were really funny. I love the one that 26lucyer about 26connerer. It was hilarious. I made some limericks too. Like, I made one about Corey Coogan (26coreyer). So here it is.

There once was a boy named Corey

He liked Nemo, but not Dorey

So he bought a fish

And he made a big wish

To read a very long story

May 8


Hey guys. I am sorry for never posting but I just got a good idea to do a quote of the week. So here is this weeks quote….


Leave a comment our direct message me on Instagram (j.murphy22)you can send me a pic or just plainly a quote.Thanks guys and I hope I can keep this going


BY-Dante Alighieri

April 15


This is just to say,

When you were eating dinner I burned your clothes

now you won’t be needing them so

go by some more


Forgive me but those clothes were gross

I was doing everyone a favor but you said it was dumb

so then I ate your dinner

so forgive me, but that casserole was good


This is just to say but

dang girl put some clothes on

and then go get some more

and make me a taco

Forgive me but I wanted redemption

on when you stole my tacos

This is just to say

don’t eat my food or you will pay